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Autodesk University 2018

Manufacturing on a small but real scale

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July 13 2018 - Almost a decade after the recession deflated the housing industry, construction prices have steadily increased in the United States. Booming metropolitan cities like San Francisco, already faced with an affordable housing crisis, are now adopting prefabricated housing methods to manufacture complete apartments and condos.  

Faster and less expensive than conventional housing, offsite construction methods promise more affordable homes and a great deal of local jobs.

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June 20th 2018 - The Autodesk BUILD (Building, Innovation, Learning and Design) Space facility is a world renown, active workshop for research and development of fabrication, construction and design methods. On June 7th, StrucSoft Solutions was joined by partners Howick Ltd., KHS&S, and Central Ceilings for an Industry Education Event - Framing Automation - hosted by Howick at BUILD Space.

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MWF in the Autodesk BUILD Space

• November 1, 2017

November 1st 2017 – StrucSoft Solutions is pleased to announce that MWF has been installed in Autodesk’s BUILD Space in Boston, turning Revit® into a powerful manufacturing tool via Howick rollformers.

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June 19th 2017 - MWF Pro Wood is released with the new look and feel - now feature engineering including a link with BC-Calc. The release also works with our brand new modules; MWF SIPS and MWF Post-Frame.

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Introducing MWF Post Frame

• June 19, 2017

June 19th 2017 - StrucSoft is excited to launch MWF Post Frame today, which allows users to create post-frame structures in Revit®. MWF Post Frame models, quantifies, and produces drawings for a vast amount of post-frame-type structures using user-defined templates and easy-to-manipulate 3D Revit® models.

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Introducing MWF Panel Stacker

• April 27, 2017

April 27th 2017 - Today StrucSoft Solutions is proud to introduce the latest addition to the MWF family of framing tools: MWF Panel Stacker. A purpose-built tool with the off-site manufacturer in mind, MWF Panel Stacker allows the user to organize, stack and optimize framed wall panels for shipment, delivery and installation. An intuitive report feature allows the user total control and organization of his shipments and panels, while the software can be adjusted by the user to account for various truck sizes and transport rules.

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