By admin • June 19, 2017

Introducing MWF Post Frame

PostFrameRevit7June 19th 2017 - StrucSoft is excited to launch MWF Post Frame today, which allows users to create post-frame structures in Revit®. MWF Post Frame models, quantifies, and produces drawings for a vast amount of post-frame-type structures using user-defined templates and easy-to-manipulate 3D Revit® models.

MWF Post Frame allows users to:

  1. Define girt sizes, spacing, post types and end post conditions for automated framing.
  2. Easily modify opening framing conditions through a template-based user interface.
  3. Virtually define any material type for girts, posts and nailers.
  4. Pull lumber take off, elevations, floor plans and other details live from your Revit® model.
  5. Automatically place trusses and purlins for complete building plans.