20 Construction Trends in 2021 - Advice from Industry Experts

February, 8 2021

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Tania Dhami

As we roll through the new year, lets take a look at emerging construction trends that 2021 will uncover. 

Some trends will focus on environmental stability and how infrastructure, and the built environment can help shape, combat and change climate change. Some trends will focus on automated digital design to manufacturing workflows, with it's promised benefits such as reduced waste, control over cost and a more consistent level of predictability and quality.

Nevertheless, keep on reading to learn how economics, business models, people & culture and technology & data will be integral components to building industry resiliency in 2021 and beyond. đź‘‡

The year 2021 has the potential to be transformative for the construction industry. This will only be made possible if (and only if) firms and workers continue to flex their resiliency muscles to safeguard their businesses and strengthen the construction industry overall. Here's how:

  • Economics:
    Companies that have already explored creative material use and re-use, intelligent infrastructure projects, renewable energy projects and more are better informed and placed to take on the challenge of "resilient" sustainable projects. Similarly, digitization will also grow because of the acceleration of digital infrastructure projects brought on by working from home during the pandemic. 
  • Business Models:
    As the construction industry takes on the challenge of future proofing beyond 2021, business and thought leaders have the opportunity to push for innovation and to reevaluate their technological investment and their strategies, such as R&D tax incentives.
  • People & Culture:
    As the pandemic showed, companies that equipped teams with remote working solutions and connected technologies have formed a culture of trust and flexibility. Not only that but leaders can begin to revisit various HR and culture initiatives such as in house trainings, diversifying the talent pool, increasing health and wellness programs and more. Together these initiatives will lead to greater sense of community and ultimately a company culture built on trust. 
  • Technology & Data:
    Businesses have more data/ metrics than ever before. Because of this, we will see a significant increase in companies taking advantage of this new information and creating more core competencies around data, analytics, and business intelligence by utilizing AI, machine learning and more.

In sum,  resilient organizations will have the upper hand and only those with the ability to pivot and/or adapt to new workflows, partnerships, software, work cultures and more will thrive in 2021 and on.  

To learn more about 2021 construction trends, read the full article by Autodesk here.

"In short, 2021 will be another year with plenty of challenges–but more opportunities than in 2020." - Ken Simonson, Chief Economist, The Associated General Contractors of America

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