As the leading renewable building material, wood framing is used predominantly in North America and Europe for constructing residential buildings.  Wood framing software automates the assembly of dimensioned lumber or engineered wood that is fastened together using nails in order to create walls, floors, and roof assemblies. Often chose due to it being budget friendly and an "off-the-shelf" solution, wood studs can support a lot of weight and can be used to provide load-bearing bearing wall structures.


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CMS for Inventor

• September 29, 2020

What is CMS?

CMS stands for Component Management Software because the software works on a component level to create DSTV NC1 files. CMS plug-ins allow the users to produce DSTV NC1 files directly from their Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, and AutoCAD platforms. The software generates files with the extension *.NC1 and we follow DSTV Standard to produce our NC1 files.

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Release Features - Summer Build

• September 4, 2020

Our development team has been hard at work and we're happy to announce that our summer build, version 2.37 (7543) is now available! Head over to your portal page and download the newest version of your MWF module today.

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We love Revit. But let’s face it, even with all the great Revit tools we have available at our fingertips, it may never be enough for us. There may be another solution - making your own tool! Read more to learn how we created two Python scripts for MWF.

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Upcoming MWF Webinar: Key Features within the Panel's Properties (Part 2)
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Thousands of years ago we would create structures to use as shelters from the elements. Years later the concept and function of construction has developed so vastly that there are now multiple categories you can divide the process into. Within this blog we will discuss a brief look into the differences between two categories: residential and commercial construction including how the modular building process has influenced each of them.

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Here at StrucSoft Solutions, we work with clients across the globe, providing us a great insight into varying regulations and building types. StrucSoft set down roots first in Montreal, Canada, and more recently in Liverpool, UK.

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For years, many construction companies were less receptive to offsite construction due to its association with having to sacrifice style for functionality. Recently, however, more are learning that offsite methods can benefit speedier construction without restricting innovation in design.

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Everest Truss Design Software

• April 15, 2020

Easily engineer trusses outside of Revit®


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This blog post will go through how COVID-19 is affecting the construction industry along with a few tips and tricks on how to still be productive while working from home.

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